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ya but have u ever seen brown eyes when they’re in the sun??? they literally turn gold like screw those lame ass blue and green motherfuckers gettin all the love

excuse you, my eyes are blue and in the sun they get a steely gray glint just around the pupil and they look pretty damn awesome.



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My favorite fucking Arthur episode of all time.

If i see one more got damn mayo skin ass muthafucka raise up black niggas as if they’re fucking saints (please!!!!!!!!!!) and bash black women…. I’m going to report your fucking ass.

Sick of this shit


White people get mad over things like the picture of one direction walking on abbey road, or wearing a band t shirt when you don’t listen to the music, calling it “disrespectful” but when it comes to cultural appropriation and stealing marginalized people’s most sacred traditions, they’re like “oh, we’re just appreciating your culture, stop getting so angry” while throwing paint at each other and prancing around in cheap, craft store, feather headdresses

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